HAPPY VILLA in Sosua, Dominican Republic!!!

Traveling to our Villa in Sosua, DR

If you need any help with travel arrangements, don't hesitate to drop us an email, we'll be very happy to help.

From abroad, the best way to get to Sosua, Dominican Republic is by flying into the Gregorio Luperon International Airport (POP) located west of Puerto Plata.  This is the choice of entry for tourists headed to Cofresi, Maimon, Luperon, Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada, Sosua, Cabarete, Playa Grande and Cabrera destinations.

This airport offers scheduled service by/from:

United States: American Airlines (New York, Miami), Continental (Newark), Ryan International (Minneapolis).

Canada: Air Canada (Montreal, Toronto) and Air Transat (Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver).

Caribbean: American Eagle (San Juan, Puerto Rico), SkyKing (Providenciales, Truks, and Caicos).

Europe: Air Plus Comet (Madrid), Martinair (Amsterdam), Holland Exel (Brussels, Amsterdam), Condor (Frankfurt), LTU (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich), Lauda Air (Viena).

There is additional charter service from: Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Brussels, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Shannon, Stockholm, and Zurich.

Santiago's Cibao International Airport, about an hour south, is second best.  Scheduled airlines flying into Santiago are: JetBlue, Delta and American Airlines (New York), American Airlines (Miami), American Eagle (San Juan, Puerto Rico).  Punta Cana Express (Takeoff Destination Service) offers scheduled domestic flights from POP to Punta Cana, Aerodomca serves Santo Domingo.  Air Centry offers chartered flights.

Car rental options

As Sosua is a tourist town, there are many different companies offering cars, bikes and SUV's to rent. Hiring a car here is easy - just walk down any street in town and you will likely come acccross a firm hiring out cars by the day. Renting a car by the week will be a bit cheaper, and it's possible to negotiate good prices if you want to rent for a month or more. Hiring a car much longer for a month though you may find it better to buy your own car.

The roads around Puerto Plata, Cabarete and Sosua aren't the best, although they are getting better. Many people prefer to hire an off-road vehicle, a jeep, or SUV. Typical makes are Mitsubishi Montero's, Toyota Landcruisers, Suzuki Trackers etc and Nissans. Most tend to be Japanese brands. Toyota Corolla's are very common if you just want to rent a basic car.

  • Bohio Rent A Car - Tel: 809-571-4661. Prol Dr A Martínez 5, Sosúa
  • Cindy Motor - Tel: 809-571-1525. Calle Pedro Clisante 26, El Batey, Sosua
  • Freddy Car Motor Rental - Tel: 809-571-3146. Dr A Martínez 13, Sosúa
  • Friendly Rent Car - Tel: 809-571-3575. Dr A Martínez, Sosúa
  • Kobi Rent S.A. - Tel: 809 571 1578, El Batey, Sosua.
  • L Und I Rent-a-Car - Tel: 809 571 2452, Dr Rossen 1, El Batey, Sosua.
  • Mateo Rent-a-Car - Tel: 809 571 1957. Calle Sin Salida, Esq. Alejo Martinez, El Batey, Sosua
  • Neftaly Car Rental - Tel: 809-571-4273. Pedro Clisante 95, El Batey, Sosua
  • Pension Anneliese - Tel: 809-571-2208. Calle Dr. Rosen 62, El Batey, Sosua
  • Prognosis Rent a Car - Tel: 809-571-3220. Calle Dr. Rosen 50, El Batey, Sosua
  • Rimobisa Rent-a-Car - Tel: 809-571-3331. Alejo Martinez, El Batey, Sosua
  • Samuel Rent a Car - Tel: 809-571-4672. Calle Dr. Rosen, El Batey, Sosua
  • Sandro Rent A Car - Tel: 809-571-9716. Carr Cabarete 35, Sosúa


Villa address

Residencial Hispaniola

Urb. Tavarez, Calle Camino Los Llibres

Villa #100

Sosua, Province of Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic